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Civil Law and Business Law

• 30 years of experience
• Recovery of loans
• Receivables due and payable
• Business agreements
• Reorganization of loans
• Contract litigation

Civil Law and Business Law


Litigations in Civil Law and Business Law represent a high percentage of the activities of Flores Dávila, Flores Lozano y Asociados. We have represented several foreign and Mexican companies, financial institutions and individuals in civil and business litigations for more than 30 years.


Civil and business litigation practice in our firm was implemented by our founder, Héctor Virgilio Flores Dávila, Esq. who having over forty-five years of experience in the matter, planned and structured the representation of our customers in a wide range of business aspects, including, among others:


  1) recovery of loans and receivables due and payable;
  2) preparation and review of business agreements;
  3) loan reorganization, analysis and legal structures to secure loans;
  4) contract controversies;
  5) summary commercial actions, ordinary civil actions, ordinary commercial actions and
        mortgage foreclosure proceedings.


Thanks to our wide experience, our firm is known for the preparation of all kind of business agreements and loan structures, always considering any possible enforcement before the competent authorities due to any failure to pay. Several of our attorneys have practical experience for they have worked at the Judicial Branch of the Government and have attended specialized courses where they have widened their knowledge about the interpretation and construction and application of the Law in case of any litigation.