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Health Regulations

• Drug industry
• Medical devices
• Food supplements
• Vitamin supplements
• Biological products
• Vaccines for human use

Regulatory Law


We have Sanitary Regulation advice for registration, import authorizations, functioning notices, research protocols, and hosting Sanitary Registrations for foreign and domestic customers, the marketing of Homeopathic and Allopathic drugs, Nutritional supplements, cosmetics and medical devices.


We provide counseling and management for the manufacturing and distribution of homeopathic products, safeguard, custody and distribution of health inputs and health care products in general, either in storage at room temperature or refrigeration (drugs, nutritional supplements, cosmetics, biological products, and medical devices), the performance of standardized operation procedures, and the import and export of products.


As to regulatory matters, we carry out the assignment of rights, regulatory implementation of companies in Mexico, file submission with the Comité de Moléculas Nuevas (New Molecule Committee), preparation of Standardized Operation Procedures, inspection of areas and permits, authorizations, and advertisements.


Further, we have wide experience in performing in-house investigations for companies and institutions aimed to determine possible fraudulent, atypical conducts and/or the inadequate application and compliance with the internal policies, regulations and procedures.